12 is a London-based multidisciplinary design studio. Our design methodology has strong foundations in research and analysis, with an emphasis on typography. Twelve offers design and development services including print, identity, exhibition and digital applications.

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Imagining Architecture Beyond the End Times
The book is to capture the reflections of a generation caught between the failures of utopian thought and cynical reason, it seeks to retool old means in search of new ends; of new stars by which to navigate in an age of dis-aster, literally, an age without stars. Eight essays by Joseph Bedford, Alessandro Toti, Jaffer Kolb, Cristobal Amunategui, Ryan Neiheiser, Xristina Argyros, Bryony Roberts and Andrew Kovacs. Book Design, London, 2017.

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Paragon Book Gallery
Identity Design, Beijing, 2016.

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Hiragino Fonts
Website for the renown Kyoto-based type foundry Hiragino. Established in 1993, Hiragino offers typeface products in major East Asian scripts and several of the products are selected as the system fonts in the macOS system. Website Design & Developent. Kyoto, 2016

hiragino 01
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A Brief History of Hygiene
Installation for Projects Reviews 2015, Architectural Association. Installation Design, London, 2015

AR mapping

Is there an Object-Oriented Architecture?
Six architects and architectural theorists gathered with philosopher Graham Harman to discuss and reflected on Harman's work in the first Architecture Exchange. Book Design, London, 2013.

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Shri Kali Japan
Japanese yoga practice that offers classes, retreates and courses, and also supports Shri Kali Shram in India. Identity Design, Web Design & Development, Wakayama, 2012, updated 2017.

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Architecture Studies 01
An annual publication for the Forum of Contemporary Architectural Theories, which aims to build a bridge for the cross-cultural exchange of architectural ideas and research. Book Design for Southeast University & Architectural Association, London, 2012.

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Mirror Lake
A new media art studio and exhibition space in Beijing with a focus on bringing augmented and virtual reality to entertainment industries. Identity Design, 2016. Lettering generated via as MF Bespoke.

Mirrorlake 01 graphics
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Architecture Studies 02
An annual publication for the Forum of Contemporary Architectural Theories, which aims to build a bridge for the cross-cultural exchange of architectural ideas and research. Book Design for Southeast University & Architectural Association, London, 2013.

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Goelia Typeface
Bespoke typeface design for one of the most successful Chinese fashion brands. Typeface Design, London, 2015.

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Goelia web 01
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Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Logo Design for the School of Architecture and Applied Arts, Guangzhou, 2012.

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GAoFA 03

Artist-led social network for online exhibitions, portfolio and curation. Identity & Website Design, Front-end Development, London–Beijing, 2015.

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The Gopher Hole
An exhibition, project space and venue co-founded by aberrant architecture and Beatrice Galilee. Its aim is to explore new ways of curating ideas in contemporary culture and to provide a forum for sharp, critical debate on the arts. Identity, Typeface and Print Design, London, 2010.

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The Purple Mountain
A new theatre and drama school for children located below the famous Purple Mountain. Identity Design, Nanjing, 2016.

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Silk + Satin
A London based bridal boutique crafted out of a demand for beautiful bridal wear that is distinct, beautiful and affordable. Identity Design, Web Design & Development, London, 2015.

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Manual Grotesque
A typeface design insipired by Two Lines English Egytian of William Caslon IV in 1816 and the English vanacular sign writings, cut in vinyl and printed with Japanese Baren. Typeface and Book Design, London, 2008.

Grotesque 01
Grotesque 02
Grotesque 03
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Zhu Tiantian
Identity Design for the London-based sound designer, London, 2009.

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CDR aims at promoting Chinese contemporary design internationally. CDR dedicates its efforts to create an experimental and cross-disciplinary platform through both formal activities—exhibitions and lectures—and informal events—meetings and parties—to prompt discussions and dialogues. Identity and Print Design, London, 2009—2010.

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Different Skies
The literature journal publishes bold experiments in creative nonfiction, criticism, poetry and prose. We look for writing that pushes language to its limits, if necessary to breaking point. Book & Web Design, London, 2013.

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A London-based contemporary art agency, it is committed to support and promote emerging Asian artists worldwide. Identity and Print Design, Web Design & Development, London, 2008.

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